Cyber Security Solutions

   From private sector to governments, thousands of servers and systems are hacked daily compromising data that ranges from personal information to government top secret. This represents another layer of security beyond malware and virus protection, that these institutions need to combat against.

As disruptive technologies advances, clients are faced with these and other challenges that represent changes to the way in which they conduct business. Therefore, new technologies are continuously being developed thru the utilization of software engineering that relies on open source technologies for time and cost effective solutions that allow clients to make needed modifications.

Atna Systems is able to provide new project engineering, optimization of older systems. We believe that open platform development is necessary to produce robust applications very quickly. The need for increased capability is urgent and current processes are too dependent on proprietary, obsolete technologies.

We are a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem. As an SAP partner, our company develops scalable solutions designed around your needs.


Examples of other cyber services that ATNA is able to provide:

Network Development and Implementation

Knowledge Management

Proprietary Software Development

Cloud Solutions

Web Development

Telecommunication implementation development

Green Energy Development Programs

Application Development

System Optimization