Medical Support for the most confidant clients.



Atna Medical Services specializes in emergent and advanced medical care in challenging and remote environments. With combat trained medical staff ranging from Emergency Medical Technicians to Medical Doctors, the company has utilized this experience to develop medical and training programs and alternatives for operatives and their families working in high risk areas and foreign locations. Atna provides a variety of specialized services that range from level II trauma center operations and field support to wellness coaching and family practice. With advanced technology and a solid logistic infrastructure, Atna provides mission ready teams with the ability to rapidly deploy experts to high risk areas, remote locations and foreign urban location. Atna’s partnerships with industry leading medical durables and consumables suppliers allow us to rapidly and efficiently move materials to support operations globally.

To better serve our clients, our team has developed proprietary software and medical protocols that are designed to increase service and efficiency while following Hipaa guidelines. Our activities are overseen by a Medical Director who by company policy is required to carry the highest levels of professional (medical) liability insurance.


 Mission Ready Services

    • Emergency Medical Evacuation (Medevac)
    • Training
    • Mission Support Services
    • Field EMT Services
    • Training and Development Courses
    • Infectious Disease Avoidance Tactics
    • Indigenous Medical Facilities Quality Control and Review
    • Mass Casualty Care