Ethics and integrity are integral to success. We demand the highest ethical standards from ourselves and our associates. Refusing to compromise on matters of principle, and consistently demonstrating honesty and moral courage, allow us to act with implicit confidence in our fellow employees.


Respect for basic human rights is part of our commitment to conducting operations in a legal, ethical and moral manner, we have adopted an organizational-wide human rights policy to further inform and educate our associates. The policy states that Atna’s business conduct should be guided by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other applicable human rights documents and principles.

Treating people with respect, courtesy, honesty, and fairness is the expected conduct from our team. We value diversity, including skills, experiences, and perspectives. The attributes that make each individual unique.


Accountability is key to the success of our mission and our clients. We take ownership and are responsible for our actions and their outcome and expect the same from our associates as part of the high moral and ethical standards needed to successfully conduct our mission.


Our commitment to be the premier global solution for our clients by providing services and performance that competently meets its intended function and exceeds the expectations of our client.


Performance excellence demonstrated by contractual competence and delivered by a highly skilled, and diverse workforce.


Atna’s leadership is fully committed to the idea that diversity and inclusion create, employee engagement, creativity, and innovative solutions that are truly fundamental for success in an ever-changing environment.