Our Customers

Our past performance:

Atna’s team sourced transportation solutions for a government agency that needed to move two large pieces of equipment to South America for deployment. We were able to reduce transit time, cost and increase operational efficiency, allowing the client’s support team to have more time for final deployment check.


Dunn Deal Transportation,

Sourced heavy equipment for client, renegotiated the purchase saving the client over $350,000 in a single purchase.


GFP Distributors

Atna’s team sourced several new manufacturer and logistical options that gave the client the needed flexibility. Set up a supplier and transportation RFP solutions and negotiated pricing with suppliers.



Contracted as a Sub to manage and build their contract Vehicle:  TechOps  a multiple-award, ID/IQ (GWAC) vehicle, specifically designed to procure technical investigative surveillance equipment for use during lawfully authorized criminal investigations.



Client was faced with a logistical challenge, as the equipment they import was overweight and was causing containers to shift while in ocean transit becoming unsafe for ground transportation. We evaluated the client’s ocean transportation procedures and found several deficiencies in the areas of equipment utilization based on the difference of the ground equipment used at the origin point. A loading diagram was created based on the destination ground equipment capacity and type of goods being imported. We minimized the risk of accident for the client and saved the client in transportation cost.


Atna is proud to serve the following customers:

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Seal of the United States Marshals Service

Warm Springs Police Department