PSD / Mobile Security

Our integrated security services include mobile and fixed-site protection, intelligence and analysis support, and security assessments. We work closely with you and your teams to better understand your security environment through a comprehensive site survey of your facilities. This allows us to focus on key factors like current physical security conditions, evaluation of security staff, badging, procedures, communications capabilities, emergency action plans, TOC and training infrastructure. This data is then examined and applied to develop programs that fits your needs and effectively guide you thru the challenges of implementation. Our professionally trained, security specialists are made up of expatriates, third-country and local nationals as required by contractual and government regulations.


Mobile Security Services

ATNA Provides PSD/Mobile Security elements in many different ranges of threat levels, with operators that have extensive experience in High threat environments running High Profile, and Low Profile Teams on WPPS projects, Various USAID projects and NGO clients.

Our Teams are comprised of Ex-Military Operators with combat experience, and Private Mobile Security experience in various theatres from South East Asia, Middle East, as well as south and central Americas. We only employ Operators that have proven experience in these Skill-sets; We do not train personnel for Mobile Security that does not have prior combat experience for Mobile Security, as this does not ensure our clients and our security teams the effective support, when they may need it the most. However we believe that providing continued training for our operators is a requirement to keep their skill-sets sharp and adapting with the ever-changing threats in the theatre they are operating.

  • Examples of services for Mobile Security that ATNA is able to provide:
  • Armored vehicles with secure coms
  • Convoys
  • Executive motorcades
  • Personal security details
  • Counter assault teams
  • Emergency action plans
  • Quick reaction forces
  • Reporting procedures
  • Tactical operations center