What We Do

Atna Systems, a comprehensive physical security integrator, offers force protection, consulting, procurement services, training and mission support solutions to government, quasi-governmental, health, educational and financial institutions, energy, industrial, distribution, logistics and retail clients. With a deep commitment to total quality management, ethics and compliance, Atna is a team of security service providers who anticipate and understand the needs and expectations of our strategic partners – our clients.


Consulting Services

  • Logistic Network and Infrastructure Optimization
  • Procurement
  • Network/Communication Systems and EDI
  • Project Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • RFI / RFP Management
  • Freight Bill Auditing



  • Border Patrol/Security Forces training and support
  • Static Security
  • Vulnerability and Threat Assessment
  • Anti-Piracy and Humanitarian Aid Escorts
  • Counter Insurgency
  • Maritime Security
  • Provide interim Executive Protection and Executive Security Training
  • Police and SWAT training
  • Construction of bases for security and border patrol in support of Executive Protection, VTA, and Border Patrol.
  • Water decontamination and purification Services
  • Medical services and development


Medical Services

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation (Medevac)
  • Training
  • Mission Support Services
  • Field EMT Services
  • Training and Development Courses
  • Infectious Disease Avoidance Tactics
  • Indigenous Medical Facilities Quality Control and Review
  • Mass Casualty Care



  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Active Shooter
  • Emergent and advanced medical topics (TCCC / LTT)
  • Swat Training / Crisis Response Team
  • K-9 and Narcotics Interception
  • Weapons and Firearms Safety
  • IED Training
  • Strategic Defense Operations
  • Combatives
  • Tracking
  • Executive Protection, Physical Security and Anti-terrorism
  • Logistic Infrastructure and Supply Chain Security
  • Maritime Security



  • Project Cargo Management
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Reverse Logistics Program Implementation
  • Cargo Theft prevention security services
  • Port Operations and Air Cargo Management
  • Rail Road Cross docking and materials handling
  • Over dimensional project management.


NAICS Codes:

      • 514614, 541611, 621999, 541870, 541612, 488510, 488190, 542618, 561210, 928110, 928120, 621910, 992190, 561611.